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February 03, 2006



Well yes, except for the fact that the European Union, the Council of Europe, and the United Nations all took harsher stances against the cartoonist and the press than did the Bush Administration, and they did so much earlier as well. Washington was silent on this for weeks, for what that's worth.

I fail to see why you drew the conclusion that you did; that this is somehow an example of the US not supporting a virtuous EU endeavor to defend freedom on the continent. The EU administration itself certainly doesn't agree with you that this is a civil liberties issue, they see this exclusively as an issue of "racism," as does President Bush.


nb: Shame on all of them, IMO. Free speech doesn't exist to protect popular speech (which inherently is never in any real danger) but rather the speech of the outcast. And it was quite good, while it lasted...



I never said that the EU itself was upholding these particular values of freedom-to-the-extreme. The Danish cartoon and the French "we don't care, we're going to run it again just to piss people off" agitation were done by newspaper editors, not by the governments in the EU. There's a difference of course.

I was disappointed in the US official response because it seems to contradict the very principles we're fighting to spread throughout the Middle East just so we can let someone else get their flag burned for once. It's appeasement.

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This Cartoon for Freedom should be seen by many most esp. the peace union.

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