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November 28, 2005


The Claremonster

I bet Donald Rumsfeld now wishes he had taken a Machiavelli course at a small midwestern liberal arts college. This entire situation further illustrates why we needed more troops in the initial invasion. More troops were necessary at the beginning not only for securing the border with Syria and generally stablizing the country by stopping our worst problems before they could get out of hand, but also simply because two years after the invasion, sending more troops is as potentially dangerous as leaving the current number there in ineffective numbers. Any real attempt to remedy the situation by sending necessary troops will be seen as an act of imperialism and a sign that America doesn't plan on leaving any time soon. We should have sent more troops than were necessary just so we could periodically withdraw them to boost morale for both Iraqis and Americans. Statemen should always do all of their dirty work at the beginning and dish out the rewards slowly, but surely. I guess in the next war Rumsfeld will think harder about "Dyking and Damming" that cruel bitch Fortune. Et tu, Wolfie?

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