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October 24, 2005



I don't care who the athlete is, of course they should decline to accept cheating. But alas, rules concerning gentlemen's honor departed sports a long time ago. What's so sad about all of it is that it hurts both teams. One team gets slighted in the rule book and the other one has to wear the badge of a jaded victory.



I would hardly say that what Mike is talking about is cheating. It's simply selling your case to the umpire. I would also disagree that this is a new phenomenon.

But beside all of that is the fact that these are ultimately the calls of umpires. It was the umpire's mistake to give Dye the base, but it is hardly Dye's responsibility to decline the base. No player would ever surrender a free break, and that's not new.

Taking bad calls from the umpire is not cheating, it's the way the game works.

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