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August 07, 2005



Ah, indeed something did happen in Gambier, OH. Hundreds of Democratic students who should have been voting absentee decided to register as Ohio residents. But in all seriousness Kris, something was going on--all the filthy opportunists who take advantage of every civic process were cashing in from both sides of the aisle and apparently even from the apathetic drug-addicted fringe...don't forget about the NAACP connection to Ohio voter fraud reported by the reputable Toledo Blade:
"Voter fraud case traced to Defiance County registrations volunteer"


The real scandal of course is how the two Establishment parties have rigged the electoral system so as to exclude any possibility of a real choice. If one of them steals from the other, well, maybe it just shows that there is not any honor among thieves after all.



No doubt neither party has a clean record on this issue. Both have their arms in the cookie jar up to the elbows. The Democrats' speciality is registering illegal immigrants en masse, the Republicans seem to prefer more discreet methods.

There is a simple solution: paper ballots at each precinct, followed by a hand count at the end of the day, to which any citizen may watch or file a complaint against. But it's never proposed because both parties have a vested interest in maintaining voter fraud.

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