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May 02, 2005



On the quote "let everyone take responsibility for..." Just to clafiry, I believe that person was actually saying that Kenyon students should have to pay the burden of extra taxes as well, not just residents of the county. He was prob. asserting this because, as you pointed out, many students will be voting, but not really have to deal with the financial consequences.

h. coorab

Ha....I loved that post. It brought back warm memories...

Anyway, I actually agree with one of those comments (partly). I don't think many Kenyon students, who are infamous for their liberal ideals thinly veiling their apathy, will actually turn out for the vote. I was actually shocked with the turnout they had for the Presidential election. However, I must argue that the reason Kenyon kids won't vote isn't because they're recovering from their latest herione episode...it's more like they're trying to find some more cocaine, or maybe even thinking up the next big really cool 'looks like i just rolled out of bed and accidentally put this on' fashion trend.

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